Ware London – Balance Earrings

Looking to make a style statement look no further than these bold earrings, handmade in London from rubber.

Ware London

Emma Ware is the London based founder and designer of award winning jewellery brand Ware London. Self taught and triggered by a career without the freedom to innovate, Emma’s background in Fine Arts and need to create couldn’t be repressed any longer. “I needed an outlet, I was bursting with needing to create for the sake of freedom and fun. I had no idea where to start and didn’t know at the time how far I could or even wanted to take it.” Today Emma works with interplaying shapes that are more than the some of their parts and exhibited in various ways on the human form.

The core ethos of the brand is based on Emma enjoying what she does and wanting people to find delight in the thrill of self expression through adornment, to be uninhibited wearing her designs, ultimately to feel special and alive ! Running a sustainable business that does not damage or exploit the environment has always been at the heart of the brand, from transforming used bicycle inner tubes, using recycled 925 sterling silver, to sourcing beautiful vegetable tanned leather and manufacturing in house and locally.

Ware London create bold sculptural designs often seen as ‘art for your body’.

To see more striking sustainable jewellery by Ware London, please visit – www.emmaware.co.uk