Lyme Terrace – Made in Britain

Sustainable menswear brand Lyme Terrace create stylish clothing for today’s conscious man.

Lyme Terrace

in 2016 friends Alex Brewster and Andy Renton came together to launch menswear brand ‘Lyme Terrace’ that would have minimum impact on the environment. Their thinking was that the mainstream clothing industry was being exposed but there was no clear alternative for guys so they sought to fill this gap; making quality clothing that considers both people and planet. Alex and Andy launched Lyme Terrace with a vision to create clothing for the conscious consumer.

Three pillars of Lyme Terrace exist from which all all business decisions are based on and these include, Transparent Pricing, Organics & Recycled Fabrics, Made in Britain Always. Alex and Andy are open and transparent in terms of costs involved in producing each item and also include a list of suppliers on their website. Only trusted agents are used who are able to certify fabrics and their sources where it is not possible for them to visit personally. The highest quality fabrics and trim are sourced for clothes only from recycled, organic or regenerated stocks, designed technically and aesthetically to last years and cross seasons.

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