War & Drobe – Solidarity Outfit

A timeless vintage inspired jacket designed for the modern woman, the Solidarity jacket is ideal for any elegant female. Made from 100% organic denim its truly gentle on the skin and only gets softer with the wear. The Corozo wooden buttons are individually hand sewn onto the jacket and complement the classic denim blue. The beauty is not only in the overall look of this piece but also in the detail. The strap belt is held to the jacket with two loops each delicately finished with a button. Three of these buttons are aligned at each sleeve which gives a unique look to the garment. Wear it with jeans for the causal look or match it with the Solidarity skirt to make a real statement.

This bold yet sophisticated Solidarity skirt will make an impression on any occasion. The flared hem adds a playful element to the classic pencil skirt fit with a high waistline. Made from 100% organic denim its gentle on the skin and only gets softer with wear. The natural Corozo wooden buttons running down the side are all individually hand sewn onto the garment. The inside seams are beautifully finished with black organic cotton binding. As with all War & Drobe garments it’s just as immaculate on the inside as its is on the outside!

War & Drobe

Sustainable womenswear brand War & Drobe was founded by conscious creative Nina Kovacevic and produce stylish clothing with a vintage feel. War & Drobe was named as a symbol of empowerment for the everyday lives of women everywhere. After arriving in London as a child from war torn Yugoslavia during the early 90’s Nina was taught the power of fashion and how to draw strength through the clothes she wore. What Nina learnt from her mother as a child has stayed with her over the years and today she firmly believes that no matter what challenges women face, their wardrobes can serve as armour allowing them to feel feminine and fierce.

Each garment at War & Drobe is handmade by Nina in her London studio, there are no mass produced garments so every War & Drobe customer can wear her threads with pride knowing each piece is a limited edition and has been handcrafted with precision and care. By slowing down the pace of creating clothing, War & Drobe is able to preserve traditional artisanal sewing techniques. Quality fabrics are sourced from designer surplus which helps to minimise environmental impact.

Collections are vintage inspired but adapted for the modern day woman who enjoys owning unique garments that will compliment their existing wardrobes. With War & Drobe women are able to enjoy wearing quality and stylish garments that will stand the test of time.

For more modern, vintage inspired womenswear, please visit – www.waranddrobe.co.uk