Ethical Brand Directory – Ethical Shopping Experience

EBD is not just a directory, it’s also a place where brand owners can meet, exchange business ideas and also get feedback from consumers interested in ethical shopping.

The Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) story

The founder Roberta Lee, also the founder of Roberta Style Lee started her ethical and sustainable journey, just a few years ago. In her role as a stylist she was becoming increasingly frustrated by all the ‘googling’ she had to do to find clothing that was responsibly made, so that she could confidently recommend genuine alternatives to the high street to her styling clients. It started as a genuine passion project; this involved Roberta researching stylish new ethical and socially responsible brands, getting to know the founders, understanding their why, sampling and reviewing their products, a spreadsheet was then created that would included her findings. That spreadsheet blossomed into what we see today, which is an easy to use mobile friendly online directory. The non-profit Ethical Brand Directory platform was officially born and went live in beta at the end of July 2017 with the help and support of one of their founding sponsors: Online Mastery Limited.

The Vision

Roberta’s vision was simple – she wanted to connect the conscious consumer to brands that care – remove the barriers and showcase genuine alternatives to the high street. The directory was designed to showcase beautiful clothing, produced by brands who strive to create a positive impact on other people in their supply chain, the impact their business has on the planet and to avoid any process that cause harm to animals. The experience was designed to be beautiful and combat the negative perception people have on ethical and sustainable products, showing that it’s not all hemp and hippy and truly aesthetically pleasing items do exist – and that you don’t have to compromise on your style to do good.

The EBD quickly grew from 10 brands to 100 and started to showcase more than just fashion, showcasing lifestyle and beauty products as well. Roberta realised that those who were registering to showcase their brands had limited funds, so she set out to build an ethical community where the collective power could help everyone raise their profile. As interest grew in the project so did its scope, due to her invested passion for this area Roberta committed to bootstrapping the project into 2018.


Over the last six months it has gathered momentum, grown its blogger team from 2 to 8 and volunteer base from 2 to 5, as well as relocating from its original home to its own domain EBD is a directory which brands can join by invitation only, the events are open to everyone, and non-ethical brands are also encouraged to participate in workshops and talks to discover the benefits of being ethical and sustainable in business and why customers in 2018 and beyond care.

If you are interested in supporting the growth of the not-for -profit project then feel free to contact Roberta in the first instance at: