SkyART – Tripod Coffee Table

A simple yet unique design, this Tripod Coffee Table comes with legs from economy class passenger seats, a main circle from a GE CF6 jet engine and a toughened glass top.

Made in Turkey and sold globally.


Founded by entrepreneur Emre Ozkul in 2010, SkyART is a Turkish based forward thinking design company supplying a range of aviation themed furniture and accessories upcycled from aircraft parts. Innovation and sustainability is at the heart of what they do and the range of unusual products produced by SkyART are used in a various environments including homes, offices, board rooms, bars, restaurants and movie production companies.

All SkyART products are designed to the highest standards by designers who prioritise durability, functionality and authenticity using genuine aircraft parts that have flown millions of miles around the world, adding to the uniqueness of each product. SkyART designs give many aircrafts a new lease of life through the range of products created including desks and tables made out of aircraft wing flaps and doors, refurbished airline seats, desk lamps and airline trolleys revamped for use in home or a corporate environment.

In the hands of SkyART designers, old airplanes are transformed into beautiful pieces of art as well as creating unique individual products and scrapped aircraft as a whole can be provided catering to all aviation needs.

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