Hargreaves Stockholm – Empowerment Big Warrior Silver Earrings

These gorgeous big warrior hoops reflect big dreams, ambitions and emotions ! Inspired by ancestors from ancient times who used a runic alphabet not just to communicate with each other but carved in to objects to give strength and meaning to their wishes and actions, the same can be said of these earrings. Looks great with any outfit especially sequins.

Made with Fairmined Silver

Hargreaves Stockholm

Ethical fine jewellery brand Hargreaves Stockholm not only focuses on creating beautiful, wearable pieces but also on making those pieces as responsibly as possible. Founded by Jemima Hargreaves, the brand benefits from her experience with generations-old traditional workshops, fast-fashion production and boutique businesses in addition she has consulted for some of Europe’s longest standing jewellery companies, created pieces and managed projects for celebrities and royalty.

With a firm belief in the need to be responsible, this extends to the sourcing of material, where they come from and who is involved in their journey to the design studio and workers receiving a fair wage. Wherever possible Fairmined metals are always used and where not possible recycled metals are used. Fairmined metals are always prefered over recycled metals mainly because they can be tracked from the hands of the miners to the finished piece. The more certified metals that are used the more that will end up in the system which is always a good thing.

Problems with mined diamonds are well documented, human rights and environmental issues, child labour and conflict. There are only a few truly certified conflict-free sources, such as Canada snd Australia, however in today’s age of modern technology it is possible to produce high quality diamonds that rival mined diamonds in a laboratory powered by ecologically responsible sources, which Hargreaves Sweden deem a more responsible choice. Mined diamonds from responsible choices are however offered of request.

For more beautiful and ethical fine jewellery please visit – www.hargreavesstockholm.com