Couchman Bespoke – Beige Print Shirt
Beige Slim fit shirt with open shirt and bow tie trompe l’oeil print featuring a Mandarin collar and French cuff.
Made in London from sustainably sourced material.
Couchman Bespoke
Founded by conscious entrepreneur Claire Couchman, this London based brand is focused on producing menswear tailored in a contemporary style and designed for daily life. Each Couchman Bespoke garment is made in London, Britain by selected tailors who are paid fairly and ensure a quality product that will last, made from sustainable sourced materials that reduce water consumption and pollution. The brand is continually evolving its best practices to become better environmentally and socially within the clothing industry, manufacturing and lifestyle, through their practices they are helping the industry become less polluting and in turn helping the world to grow healthy.
Sourcing alternatives to cotton that use less water from seed cultivation to cloth production enables Couchman Bespoke to reduce their environmental footprint, alternative materials include natural, regenerated, pre and post-consumer cloth and fibres.  In addition to each of their garments Couchman Bespoke also take great care to ensure all packaging provided is environmentally friendly and they are always on the lookout for packaging alternatives that can biodegrade or be reused.
Coachman Bespoke garments are inspired by lifestyle, modern fit, architecture and art with traditional tailoring techniques.
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