LALLAXRR – Pink Rose 60’s Mini Dress
The gorgeous pink mini dress is great for both day and night, when out during the day team with cool ankle boots and for the night wear with killer heels.
Handmade in London from mixed upcycled materials
LallaxRecycledRevolution or LALLAXRR the name the brand is more commonly known by is an Eco-Friendly womenswear label based in London. The brand was founded by Londoner Lalla Bronshtein who as well as a conscious entrepreneur and designer is a celebrity stylist. Lalla started her career as a menswear designer where her collections have been stocked in boutiques around the UK, US, Japan and Italy. Lalla also had her collections stocked in Topman (UK and New York) with pieces appearing at Alternative Fashion Week and in Fashion shows held in trendy nightspots such as DSTRKT and Nobu, there was also coverage in English Vogue and also Vogue Italia. In line with her conscious beliefs Lalla decided to shift her design focus to designing Eco-Friendly clothing and now focuses on womenswear.
Through her new label LALLAXRR Lalla recycles and upcycles existing old garments into on season trends of one-off pieces. Vintage and charity shop pieces are transformed into wearable, upcycled garments with a high fashion edge. LALLAXRR eliminates the need for the production of new fabrics and reduces energy consumption and the result is an eclectic mix of colour, fabric and silhouette. Lalla’s creativity an thoughtfulness will see a dress created from a top and a skirt, a dress made into a skirt or a shirt and much more. Lalla creates beautiful Eco-Friendly womenswear for all occasions and for those who may not have traditionally considered second hand clothing they will be pleasantly surprised and no doubt become a regular customer.
“Helping the environment and reducing energy consumption – Recycling and Upcycling is the Future” Lalla
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