KIRIVOO –  HALLIKE Embroidered Grey Jacket
This elegant HALLIKE embroidered melange grey jacket emphasises the feminine silhouette. Perfect to wear with a dress, skirt or trousers. Amazing hemp and organic cotton are blended together so it feels soft and comfortable.
Part of the latest collection soon to be available and designed for KiRiVOO by Liisi Tui.  Fabric used is made of yarns certified by Fear Wear Foundation.
Retail entrepreneur Ines Karu-Salu established Estonian brand KiRiVOO in 2015 along with talented fashion designer Teele Koel, they both believe that its the small things that count and are committed to doing fashion in a more responsible way. KiRiVOO represents smart, chic, modern and timeless styles blended with ethnic or earthy details. Inspired by nature and a distinctive culture, KiRiVOO’s brand name comes the Estonian word ‘kirivoo’, which refers to the national costume band (belt). The brand is focused on contemporary fashion that is produced with consideration for environmental and social impact.
KiRiVOO designs innovative, thoughtful high quality apparel made in Estonia, with the majority of pieces made from certified organic textiles (organic cotton, organic silk) and bamboo. These fabrics are carefully sourced from the UK, Germany, France and Italy.
The KiRiVOO customer tends to seek thoughtful clothing and places importance on exclusivity and timeless styles that are well made to the highest quality. A pleasant shopping experience is important as is style and aesthetics along with having a positive social impact. Intelligent and curious she likes to express herself, look good, feel confident and live a healthier happier life.
KiRiVOO embodies the height of sustainable luxury for today’s thoughtful woman.
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