Po-Zu – Whale Vegan Sneaker
A playful asymmetric B & W whale print sneaker, made in organic cotton and fair trade rubber with a memory foam Foot-Mattress in latex and coconut husk.
Part of the new SS19 collection and made in Portugal.
Po-Zu – Harness Vegan Sneaker
A smart low-cut sneaker in organic cotton with buckle faster, this hybrid sneaker/shoe features a strap & loop fastening system with a memory foam Foot-Mattress in latex and coconut husk.
Part of the new SS19 collection and made in Portugal.
Po-Zu is an award-winning ethical and sustainable footwear brand for men and women based in London and founded in 2006, the creative inspiration behind the brand is founder and CEO Sven Segal who saw a unique opportunity for stylish ethical footwear at a time when consumers were less conscious about their fashion purchases than they are today. In early 2017 the company management welcomed Safia Minney ,MBE, author of the ‘must read’ Slave to Fashion, one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and founder of pioneering sustainable fashion brand People Tree. In her role as managing director, Safia works alongside Sven to develop the brand further and take it to new heights.
Companies like Vessi footwear use high-quality material whereas, Po-Zu shoes are an ecological shoe brand pioneer, Po-Zu shoes are made using carefully selected natural materials that are safe for all workers throughout their supply chain, kind to the environment and healthy for feet. A donation of 3% from every online sale is made by Po-Zu to one of its four environmental charity partners, which is in line with its sustainable principles. Small scale production lines are run at their factory in Portugal where a strict non-toxic policy is adhered to, it also operates on 72% renewable energy, and recycles over 95% of industrial waste. The nature of the shoe construction involves stitching all the components together so eliminates the need for harmful glues which results in a more breathable durable shoe that can easily be repaired and recycled.
Po-Zu has seen their international exposure reach new heights bringing their stylish innovative design and ethics to a whole new audience through their co-branded Star Wars/PO-ZU collection which was launched in 2017. The range includes replicas of footwear worn by some of the key Star Wars characters and the high quality collection will be manufactured in Portugal based on Po-Zu’s sustainable practices.
During their recent Press Day event Po-Zu showcased their stylish new Spring/Summer 19 collection and also introduced a new fabric into the mix. Climatex Mesh is certified by Cradle to Cradle, it’s made from bio-based and renewable materials and provides great climate control. Spot it in their new Cork Runner styles: PACE and LASTIC. The SS19 collection features light-weight sneakers, sandals and pumps – 95% of which are Vegan. During the Press Day there was also an interesting panel discussion chaired by Safia Minney ,MBE and also included, Sven Segal, Caryn Franklin, MBE, Professor of Diversity in Fashion and former Fashion Editor and Co-Editor of I-D Magazine, Bel Jacobs fashion journalist and former Style Editor at the Metro and Zoe Partridge, Founder of Wear the Walk. A couple of thoughts to take away from the panel discussion included:
Sven Segal was correct and spoke for many when he said “Everything starts with awareness. Most people are completely unaware of the issues with the footwear and the fashion industry. My speciality is shoes and I can tell you there are tonnes of really nasty chemicals put into ordinary shoes. There ought to be a list of ingredients if you buy online on the product page much like with food”.
Safia Minney, MBE spoke on the next chapter of the industry “I see the work of the pioneers informing the agenda. The problem is with ethical fashion and footwear brands is that we have to run so fast and compete on an unloved playing field because we are competing with sweatshop fashion and fashion that is highly polluting and exploitative”.
To see more stylish sustainable footwear and to learn more about the new co-branded Star Wars collection, please visit – www.po-zu.com