Audace Manifesto – Desperado Long Dress
A beautiful long black dress with daring side split,  perfect for a special evening out.
Handmade and limited edition.
Audace Manifesto
Florencia Mougan and Lucilla Mougan Marinez are the founders of stylish ethical brand Audace Manifesto. Based in Ibiza and founded over 7 years ago the sisters create high quality clothing for elegant women. Outfits are handmade and many are one off pieces, the sisters are known for creating cool edgy designs including customised jersey dresses and t-shirts which are sold from their boutique in Ibiza.
Recently the sisters teamed up with Not Just Yoga, an innovative and forward thinking company founded by Susan Yu that helps SME’s and brands wanting to explore new industries or gain more exposure through social media and live events. The recent collaboration saw Audace Manifesto showcase their latest collection in London as part of a ‘Travel in Style’ fashion show organised by Not Just Yoga which also featured pets on the catwalk.  Following the successful event, Co-Founder & Fashion Designer,  Florencia Mougan said:
“I’m in love with Travel in Style’s concept of collaborate & succeed. I flew from Ibiza, others flew from Italy, all to support the show. The social media exposure was perfect, I even had press articles about my designs. I would love to do the event again.”
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