Feathered Fantasy – Festival Headdress
Handmade from sustainably sourced feathers.
Feathered Fantasy
Brighton based designer Ellie Kay is the brainchild behind Feathered Fantasy, extraordinarily outrageous feathers for the ultimate fantasy in headwear. Inspired by the incredible natural beauty of nature’s day treasures and a life time of theatre, arts, costume design and travel, the company was born in 2011. The brand is a collection of unique, wearable art and is designed to inspire, amaze and delight.
All the feathers used in the pieces are sustainably sourced and have either fallen, shed or been collected from the roadsides of the South Downs. Each one hand plucked and prized. In addition some up-cycled vintage furs are also used. Feathered Fantasy utilises that which nature no longer has need for. 100% sustainably sourced feathers, organically preserved and ethically produced. Unique, original and lovingly handmade, these tailor made designs are as individual as you.
Feathered Fantasy recently teamed up with Not Just Yoga, an innovative and forward thinking company founded by Susan Yu that helps SME’s and brands wanting to explore new industries or gain more exposure through social media and live events. The recent collaboration saw Feathered Fantasy showcase their amazing creations in London as part of a ‘Travel in Style’ fashion show organised by Not Just Yoga which also featured pets on the catwalk.
To see more from Feathered Fantasy, please visit – www.featheredfantasy.com