Khanum’s – Black Velvet Blazer
Elegant blazer handmade from velvet with satin lining featuring pearl, diamante and bead embellishments
Khanum’s is a luxury brand that offers a combination of classic designs on contemporary garments created for the confident, modern woman.  The very meaning of the name ‘Khanum’ was originally adapted for use as honorific for women in Asia and the Middle East. The quintessential nature of its meaning defines and embodies the very essence of the brand;  elegance, sophistication and opulence.
London born designer and founder Rokeya Khanum was introduced to the world of Fashion and the art of intricacy at an early age as both parents were in the garment making industry. With her South East Asian heritage, Rokeya is inspired to combine the two cultures that have had the most influence on her life to create a series of timeless collections detailing an intricate, royal touch.
Her collections combine rich velvets, silks and satins; collectively using the utmost intricate and elaborate craftsmanship with embroidery and embellishments that exude elegance in every garment.
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