Loch Effects – Flat Top X Midnight
The midnight collection features a charcoal tone with subtle wood grains for those who prefer neutral tones to the earthy ones found in the Dark Oak collection.
Made in Canada from 500 + year old wood
Loch Effects
The journey of Loch began ore than 500 years ago in North American forests. Unspoiled trees were harvested by settlers during the logging boom and floated down the fast moving rivers to the Great Lakes; but not all survived the journey. Sinking to the bottom they were preserved in the near zero oxygen environment, achieving unparalleled beauty, quality and character, while also increasing in strength. Undisturbed these timbers lay……. until now.  Scuba diving to the bottom of the lake, the once lost timbers were recovered and, through a process born out of desire for high quality eco-fashion products, were transformed into exclusive sunglasses and prescription eyewear.  Lochs are outfitted with high clarity FDA approved lenses made in Japan, giving durability, and cutting edge anti-glare performance.
Founded by Canadian brothers Dan and Tim Waggoner, they found themselves gravitating towards each other whilst sharing a common goal to create products in a more authentic, meaningful manner following their years apart studying at university. Much of their inspiration for Loch comes from the summers spent on their Grandparents island which had been in the family since the 1920’s and saw four generations enjoy its windswept beauty. The love they have for the great lakes is in every pair of Loch frames and they have worked for years to perfect the frames for strength, comfort and sustainability.
To learn more about Loch Effects, please visit – www.locheffects.com