Nadja Swarovski Interview

Following the Swarovski Professional panel discussion Nadja Swarovski was kind enough to share the exciting plans Swarovski have for the future in terms of Sustainable Innovation and where she sees the industry 5 years from now in terms of the potential for conscious consumers to be more the norm as opposed to the exception.

“As an international brand with global reach, Swarovski is committed to promoting conscious design both within our own business and throughout the wider industry. Swarovski collaborates with emerging and established designers to produce and promote responsible collections and embraces a vision of jewelry and fashion as fair and green.

Atelier Swarovski, our high-end jewelry offering, has a unique opportunity to make sustainability highly desirable. In 2017, Atelier Swarovski announced its first fine jewelry collection made with Swarovski Created Diamonds, marking the brand’s commitment to conscious luxury. Created stones are one of our key current innovations, with a lower environmental footprint than naturally mined ones.

In 2018, Atelier partnered with Penelope Cruz, who designed a fine jewelry collection featuring Swarovski Created Diamonds and sapphires set in Fairtrade Gold. More recently, Atelier Swarovski collaborated with London-based jewelry designer Stephen Webster on the ‘Double Diamond’ collection, featuring Swarovski Created Diamonds and 14k recycled gold.

Swarovski drives sustainable innovation and aims to inspire future generations by working with students from design schools across the globe. Swarovski provides sustainability talks and runs crystal upcycling competitions at major design schools, including Parsons, the London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art.

Swarovski partners with emerging and established designers on the path to sustainability by providing them with upcycled crystals and supporting the circular economy. Recently, Swarovski provided upcycled crystal to French designer Kevin Germanier, who presented three outstanding crystal-embellished looks at Paris Fashion Week, which were created responsibly. Swarovski also partnered with luxury retailer Lane Crawford on an exclusive sustainable capsule collection designed by Monographie.

Swarovski believes in the power of designers – from jewelry to homeware, fashion to architecture – to make a positive impact on the choices of the end customer. By collaborating with these designers, we can offer consumers sustainable collections made with craftsmanship, consideration and care for the planet as well as the people who create them. 

In five years, we believe consumers will understand the importance of asking the right questions when purchasing a product and will understand the impact their purchases have on people and planet, and their decisions will be made with conscious design in mind. “

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