Swarovski Professional Panel Discussion
Swarovski Professional recently played host to fashion and beauty industry experts for its first Sustainable Innovation panel talk held at the Barbican Centre. The event saw leading sustainability figures and Swarovski explore how the new world of ‘conscious luxury’ is increasingly shaping customer expectations and manufacturing processes.

Moderated by Rachel Arthur, co-founder of TheCurrent, panelists included Claire Bergkamp, Worldwide Director of Sustainability and Innovation for Stella McCartney; Dom Bridges, founder of Haeckels; Nina Shariati, Transparency and Innovation Business Expert for H & M Group and Dax Lovegrove, Global Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility at Swarovski. Key discussion points included shifting customer expectations and how the industry can create change and drive innovation across product, marketing and supply chain.
To learn more about Swarovski and how they are leading the way in sustainable innovation, please visit – www.swarovski.com