Royal Soul – The Narrative Crop Top and Oversized Jumper

Part of the Rococo Drive collection, both made in London from organic cotton and lycra.

Royal Soul 

Founded by designer and artist Max Taliaferro Royal Soul is a London born brand exploring the beauty found at the intersection of cultures and identities. Blurring the lines between luxury and streetwear, Royal Soul infuses striking artwork with beautiful textures and alluring cuts. The surface level of Royal Soul is beautiful design , the deeper levels are questions about ‘status’, ‘social norms’ and how we navigate these as children of the artistic process. Drawing inspiration from market trends while carving its own path of texture and art-centric designs, Royal Soul stands unique in the industry while reflecting themes present in current culture. 

The Rococo Drive collections’s name derives from the Rococo era movement that inspired the designs and the supposed contradictions inherent in bringing a luxury statement such as artwork from the 1700’s, depicting love & war, into a streetwear, contemporary context. The collection consists of lighter weight pieces, such as printed t-shirts and off the shoulder jumpers along with heavier pieces, such as denim jackets with printed leather panels. Also featured in this collection is intricate and subtle accessories such as the black on black webbing belts or the Paradise Boulevard silk scarves. The collection is varied yet refreshingly succinct with an undeniably strong visual identity.

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