Best Natural Haircare – No Ordinary

UK made hair care products with natural ingredients that include coconut, bergamont, rosemary and argan oil.

Best Clean Beauty Brand – Clockface Beauty

A skincare brand for men and women with pure, natural and luxurious components that includes juniper berries, myrrh and frankincense. 

Best Organic Beauty Brand – 100% Pure

A popular American brand with a product range that includes fruit pigmented makeup, organic skincare and pure hair care products.

Best Ethical Travel Experience – Jumbari Family Safaris 

Jumbari classifies itself as an experiential travel company and use environmentally sensitive properties, guests also have the opportunity to help create a positive impact on Africa.

Best Food and Drink – The Acorn Restaurant UK

Fine vegan cuisine is at its best at this Bath, UK based restaurant.

To learn more about the Eluxe Awards and also why these brands were selected as winners, please visit www.eluxemagazine.com

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