LallaxRR – Lalla Bronshtein

LallaxRR is a London based environmentally friendly brand founded by Lalla Bronshtein and focused on reducing the need for clothing production whilst maintaining a high-fashion edge, something Lalla feels passionate about.  Recently, Lalla launched her first unisex collection, learn more about the talented designer in our Q & A below:

1-How did you come to be involved in sustainable fashion ? It was an natural growth being involved in sustainable fashion. From a young age my mother took me to jumble sales and taught me how to live ethically. I’ve always loved shopping in charity shops and Vintage stores. So producing a sustainable collection came naturally to me, 10 years ago I sold my first up-cycled menswear collection in Topman and that opened the doors to me into sustainable fashion. 

2-Have you seen a shift in consumer attitude towards sustainable fashion over the last few years ?Yes, over the last few years I’ve noticed the consumer is much more green-conscious even when it comes to buying food, beauty products and fashions brands; the younger generation is definitely conscious about where and how their clothing is made, so much so that big High street brands like H&M and Lee jeans are launching ethical ranges within their stores.

3-Where do you see your role in helping to shape the future of fashion ? LALLAXRR brand etho’s has always been a focus on the recycling and up-cycling of vintage and charity shop pieces to reduce the need for clothing production, so due to this I see my role as spreading the message on how important up-cycling is to the planet which I hope would shape the future of fashion. I would like to explore more avenues to do with up-cycling and recycling clothing further within the fashion industry.

4-What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in sustainable fashion or simply wanting to make more sustainable fashion purchases without compromising on style ? If one wants to pursue a career in sustainable fashion they must look into new and different ways of ethical production as the fashion industry is aways open to new and interesting sustainable brand ideas.I don’t  think you have to compromise on style when shopping sustainably, there are loads of cheap ethical shopping alternatives like vintage stores and charity shops to car boot sales where you can shop on trend ethically.

Photographer @odabeide

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