Bernardo Urbina – Pacifico Lounge Chair

The stylish Pacifico Lounge Chair is made from a single wooden trunk. Each chair is unique as it is hand carved using the same process as sculpting and is supported by a metal base.

Bernardo Urbina

Sustainable furniture designer Bernardo Urbina first fell in love with upcycling waste material into thoughtful design products whilst growing up in Costa Rica.  Bernardo decided to pursue his passion by studying “Industrial Design” at Pratt Institute and following his studies went on to design high end furniture in New York, he then took a break to pursue a Master’s degree in “Industrial Design for Architecture” which expanded his skill base and this was followed by a move to the Philippines where he worked for a prestigious designer. 

With a wealth of experience behind him Bernardo decided to set up Bernardo Urbina Design in his home country of Costa Rica  where he has developed a furniture line partnering with victims of the Typhoon Haiyan to give scrap wood new life, in addition to creating other unique pieces of high end furniture upcycled from waste. His dedication to exploring new material treatment methods of wood, metal and rope drives him to evolve and create progressively. 

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