Bathtub at private garden V

Cristalino Lodge Private Garden Bathtub 

This bungalow contains two comfortable beds and a smaller room with two sofa beds, a ceiling fan helps to provide comfort cooling and the armchairs are great to relax in after a day of adventure as is the comfy hammock on the veranda. The spacious bathroom has a hot shower and there is a second shower and bathtub outside in the private garden. Anyone who saw my home tour blog post will know how much I rate high quality bathtubs! In the outside shower, the water temperature can be cool and refreshing giving the feeling of being underneath a waterfall or naturally heated by the sunlight providing the perfect tonic after a full day of activities. 

Photo by Samuel Melim

Cristalino Lodge

The Cristalino Lodge is an eco tourism company based in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil that was founded by Vitoria Da Riva Carvhalo in the late 1990’s following her leadership experiences within the eco tourism sector. The company has a clear commitment to providing visitors with a unique experience whilst helping them learn about the environment and its impact on our day to day lives,, continually thinking about how to bring visitors and nature closer together. 

Located in the middle of a private reserve with more than 11,300 hectares, ‘larger than Manhattan’  Cristalino Lodge offers guests an unparalleled experience in the Southern Amazon. In addition to excellent accommodation which includes bungalows, along with the facilities, guest can enjoy a range of activities such as trekking in the rainforest, birdwatching, photography, canoeing, wildlife watching, yoga and meditation, there is also an educational element present in all activities. The bungalows come with exclusive amenities and a natural ventilation system in addition they make good use of the solar heating and bio-waste treatment. A buffet service is provided in the restaurant where diners can enjoy stunning views of the forest, fruits and vegetables are organically grown and fresh fish is available along with a variety of meats. 

Cristalino Lodge have a number of important responsible tourism initiatives which people that visit the lodge help with and include the following:

1-Rooms powered by photovalvic panels, generating 2.3 MW per month and reducing CO2 emissions in the environment, thus ensuring maximum comfort in the midst of nature.

2-Recycling and separation of inorganic waste (aluminium, plastic, metal and paper)

3-Heating water using solar energy

4-Treatment of grey effluent-from the sink and shower-using a permaculture system

5-Treatment of black effluent-from the toilet-using layers of filters and an evapotranspiration basin

6-Intelligent architectural construction, adopting natural ventilation and using window screens

7-Use of biodegradable cleaning products

8-Rational changing of bedding and towels to avoid wasting water and energy 

9-Training of staff in the responsible use of resources and appropriate supervision of visitors on the trails

10-Using organic fruit and vegetables whenever they are available

11-Limiting the excursion groups to a maximum of eight guests per group to reduce the impact on the trail while improving the chances of observing wildlife

12-Offering limited accommodation with the aim of providing a rich experience for visitors while avoiding the impact of mass tourism

13-Banning the feeding of wildlife, in order to not affect their ability to obtain food and also to avoid making them dependent on humans

14-Responsible management of the Cristalino reserves, through the Cristalino Foundation Committee, comprising biologists, scientists and administrators

As well as responsible tourism The Cristalino Lodge plays an important role in environmental conservation through the Cristalino Private National Heritage Reserve (RPPN), they perform a valuable social function through various activities in the region devoted to education, research and conservation, all organised and run through the Cristalino Foundation. 

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