(Image  – Carlings’ collection only exists online)
Interlaced and LDC  Present an Evening on Fashion and Gaming – Sustainability
With consumers now accustomed to curating their online selves to reflect their real-world personas, how can designers help them do this in a digital-only environment?
We have already seen this taking off on social, and gaming is not far behind. To launch its ecommerce site, clothing brand Carlings teamed up with virtual influencer Perl to create a fashion collection that only exists online. Beyond raising awareness of Carlings’ online offering, the Neo-Ex collection aimed to address the damages of fast fashion, while still letting people show off (virtually) new garments.
To participate, shoppers had to buy an item from the collection and send a picture of themselves to Carlings. The brand’s team of designers then superimposed the digital clothing on the image and send it back to the shoppers, letting them post the pic on social media with a new digital outfit. How can creating digital-only products change the way we think about fashion production and sustainability? Morten Grubak, Executive Creative Director, Northern Europe, VICE / VIRTUE – the agency behind Carlings’ adDRESS_THE_FUTURE campaign – will also join us to share insights on the topic.
(Image  – Space Invaders)
  • Date: 11th September 2019
  • Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Venue: LDC Concept Store (Covent Garden, London)
  • Panelists:
Morten Grubak (Executive Creative Director, Northern Europe, VICE / VIRTUE)
Sabinna Rachimova (Founder & Creative Director, SABINNA)
Jonathan Chippindale (CEO, Holition)
Roberta Lucca (Co-founder, Bossa Studios and Beta Lucca)
Moderated by: Kristina Dimitrova (Founder, INTERLACED)
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