(Image – Marshmello’s concert in Fortnite was the biggest gig in the world)
Mark your calendars! INTERLACED has teamed up with experiential retail concept Lone Design Club (LDC) for a fascinating panel discussion exploring the crossover between the worlds of fashion and gaming. Taking place on 11th September 2019 in London’s Covent Garden, the event will bring together fashion designers, creative technologists and marketing agency directors, all exploring cutting-edge methods of communication and fashion production.
Games have played a significant role in entertainment for years but, for the longest time, brands outside the industry haven’t considered the sector and its communities as “investment-worthy”. Oh, how the times have changed. Advancements in technology, coupled with changing consumer behaviours are bringing gaming into the mainstream. A whopping 86% of internet users (increasing to 92% among 16-24s) say they have played a game on at least one device within the past month, according to a recent report by Global WebIndex. Why should fashion, retail & beauty brands care? Glad you asked:
Interlaced and LDC Present an Evening on Fashion and Gaming – Industry Scale
The gaming industry’s global revenue in 2018 was bigger than that of the movie and music industries combined. Furthermore, in the UK alone, gaming is more popular than Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.Let that sink in. We could look at League of Legends another game that has over 100 million active users, some of which who want to get right into the competitive action so they decide to look into unrankedsmurfs, many of which enjoy watching the highest level of play at large events like the World championship which brings in more viewers then the Superbowl. Electronic DJ Marshmellow showed how gaming platforms can help reach people at an unprecedented scale when he performed a 10 minute set within popular game Fortnite to an estimated 10 million gamers, making it the world’s biggest concert. Beyond the reported 10 million who watched live, another 26 million – and counting – have since watched a stream of the event posted on YouTube. As a result, the DJ’s YouTube channel amassed 699,000 new subscribers the day after the event (a roughly 1,800% increase over his January average daily subscription figure), his YouTube views per day increased from 7.8 million to 42.8 million. His Twitter stats were even more impressive – Marshmellow’s mentions increased by 1,000%, and his follower count – by a staggering 2,000%. Makes you wonder how well instagram management would translate to game management. Maybe that’s why there’s so many community managers in the industry, it must be quite a job to deal with the online crowds from the UK alone with those kinds of numbers.
As the sector is set to grow in popularity even more, gaming represents an incredible opportunity for brands to connect with audiences hungry for innovation and entertainment. Roberta Lucca, Co-founder of award-winning games company Bossa Studios and avid YouTuber, will share her wealth of knowledge around the gaming industry.
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