Hi, I’m Kenny and welcome to Style & Trashion, a content destination for conscious consumers who adore sustainable style. The purpose of Style & Trashion is to not only curate a range of stylish, sustainable fashion and design pieces each week but also to showcase the best in sustainable style by talented creatives around the world. Also presenting you with sustainable travel features twice a month.

I have had an interest in fashion and design for a while, having spent time in Toronto, Canada working in fashion after university and then not long after moving back here to London I joined a media company who were publishers of several leading fashion and interior magazines.

Having older siblings, my mother ensured I was introduced to the concept of sustainable fashion from an early age, by recycling clothes they had outgrown ‘which I’m sure may well resonate with some of you’. In addition to being an early adopter of sustainable fashion my interest in sustainability and ethical consumerism has developed through my work and love for Motorsport, where numerous tyre changes take place. Every year thousands of tyres and other materials are taken to landfill or even dumped in the ocean, in recent years I have discovered there are designers out there making stylish fashion and interior items with some of this trash.

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