Allvar – Luxury Underwear Made of Swedish Wood

Designed to suit those who are drawn to comfort and subtlety. And are intrigued by the dark and the raw that we experience in the Swedish forests. Those of us who seek a soul in everything we associate with, and wear. This is Alvar. Underwear originating in Swedish wood. Carefully processed from the trees, to a fabric of the highest quality. Designed to achieve the highest comfort. Contoured to fit like you want it to. Allvar. Wear it. And enjoy the raw senses that fill the forests. The spirit of the forests live on.


The Allvar story begins in January, 2015. Niklas was looking for a breakthrough business idea that he could develop and take to market. His criteria in the pursuit of the perfect business idea were feasibility, fun-factor and market potential. While reading about bamboo textiles it suddenly struck Niklas that, based on the same logic, one could also make underwear from Swedish wood. I was around this time that Niklas came across an article about Stefan. This was a man who was also from his part of the country. Harnosand, in the north of Sweden. Perhaps he had the same fascination for the Swedish forests as Niklas. Stefan did. But it did take some persuading to get Stefan interested in developing underwear. After all it was a bit different from designing clothes. However, the idea around sourcing the fabric was intriguing. As was Niklas’s drive and enthusiasm.

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