The unique Solstice clock gradually opens and closes over a 12 hour period displaying time through shape and patten.
Handmade in London from walnut wood.
London based furniture design studio Animaro was founded in 2015 by product designer and architect Matt Gilbert. The company is inspired by all things kinetic which includes  working with mechanics and motion to create playful moving furniture. Their design process involves combining springs pin joints, bearings and anything that moves to create pieces of furniture that playfully express forces such as gravity and friction. They have exhibited furniture in London, Milan and Copenhagen and are now bringing their designs to market through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and their latest product is a clock called ‘Solstice’.

“For many, time and a need for absolute accuracy has become a source of stress. When designing the Solstice clock, I wanted to make its movement represent the passing of time in a way that was beautiful and peaceful, taking inspiration from flowers opening in response to light.”

Matt Gilbert, Founder and Designer at Animaro.

Unlike traditional clocks, Solstice displays time through shape and pattern, much like a sundial. Gradually opening and closing over a 12 hour period, the clock’s movement follows that of the sun. At midday, when the sun is higher in the sky the clock is at its largest. At 6pm, when the sun is lower the clock is at its smallest. For those that want to see the clock move more quickly, Solstice also has a mode whereby it completes one rotation every 60 seconds. To switch between this and the clock mode there is an easy to use touch sensor on the bottom rail of the clock. One tap to switch Solstice into demonstration mode and another to return to showing the time.

Solstice is not only an engineering feat in terms of its motion, but also in terms of the quality of its construction. The designer has carefully chosen the materials based on their longevity and strength. The central body of the clock is machined from a single piece of aluminium, making it both durable and beautiful. The wood is engineered walnut and every clock is hand assembled in London to the highest quality.

The Solstice clock is available for pre-order on Indiegogo now to learn more about Solstice and to pre-order yours, please click the following link – Indiegogo

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