Available individually or as a family of ottomans Pix comes in a range of vibrant colours and will add a casual touch of comfort to any home or office environment. Available in a range of sizes and fabrics.
Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki and produced in line with Arper’s environmental philosophy.
Contemporary Italian design firm Arper was founded in 1989 by Luigi Feltrin and today the company is run by his son Claudio as the company Presdient and CEO. As a family business with a global footprint Arper are very much aware of their environmental responsibilities and where possible try to ensure every item is designed in line with their environmental philosophy.  Arper believe good design is a synthesis of technique, cost, material, function, use, taste and sustainability with the best objects carrying rich, intellectual density in shapes that seem natural and effortless. Consistency in creating new forms that are physically and stylistically resilient is hard work but Arper was built on the foundation of hard work which extends to everything they do.
Claudio Feltrin, Arper President, says; “Sustainability means implementing  new models and behaviours that respect the delicate balance between the planet and its vital resources. Sustainable companies begin with sustainable products, and are energised by bigger visions and actions, organisational changes, process shifts, cultural changes over time.”
With a strong interest in harmony between people and objects, and harmony between objects and their environment Arper do not ignore their responsibility to the environment. Their global environmental policy is expressed in a company-wide philosophy shared by the entire organization. Their aim is too minimise environmental impact through programmes that involve eery stage of company operations. The long-term project they have undertaken is inspired by a strong sense of responsibility which encourages people to find new solutions that are compatible with the environment. The objective is to set in motion a virtuous cycle which includes and can benefit the people who work with them around the world. In addition they have obtained various environmental certifications from around the world.
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