An instant conversation starter, these striking pieces tell the story of transformation from bombs into modern artifacts.
Handmade from PEACEBOMB AI including Vietnam War era bombs and plane parts. Clears some of the 80 million unexploded bombs littering Laos from 4m2 of land for the necklace and 5m2 for the Tag Wrap.
Article 22
Ethical jewelry brand Article 22 was set up by conscious entrepreneurs Camille Hautefort, Elizabeth Suda and Gael Forterre merging their unique experiences from previous careers in fashion merchandising, investment banking and international finance with a vision to tell transformation stories of negative into positive to make an impact. New York based Article 22 partners with artisans in Laos to create unique desirable Jewelry made from failed devices and remnants weapons left during America’s ‘secret war’ in Laos between 1963 -1974 which left a legacy of  80 million unexploded bombs.
Their first collection was aptly named PEACEBOMB, handcrafted by artisans in Laos from war shrapnel that includes cluster bomb casings and rockets, flares, fuses and parts of fighter jets. This creates a virtuous circle where each peace helps clear unexploded ordnance whilst providing new metal to artisans and making land safe again. Since 2009 when Article 22 began working with a small Laos village they have seen 12 families grow into 15 families with both husbands and wives making jewelry enabling these part time workers to earn at least 5x the local hourly rate, providing a much needed income for their livelihoods. These artisans are in effect agents of change, healing and making their land safe to play and grow rice.
Today, Article 22 is truly a global business selling an ever increasing collection of jewelry and home goods in 40 countries without loosing sight of their purpose, pioneering the transformation of weapons in to jewelry creating fashion with a purpose and a force for good.
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