The wild mustangs of the West are an iconic symbol of the American frontier. Today, these animals are in danger of disappearing forever, by the end of this decade wild mustangs are likely to become extinct. There are 45,000 mustangs in the United States and Canada, only 5000 remain in their natural habitat and the rest have been 

captured, placed in government holding pens or adopted out to individuals as pets. The mustang is a descendant of the wild horses that roamed America until the Europeans arrived. They were used by Native Americans for sustainable living, and by early settlers for transportation and plowing fields. Through his works Jabu is bringing attention to this important issue.


South African artist Jabu was brought up in the Apartheid era and prior to becoming an artist he was a political activist for Nelson Mandela. Through his artwork Jabu expresses his experiences of what is often an unfriendly world, thus bringing a positive element into it. His artwork is unique with a twist that includes both an urban and contemporary touch. The rich and vibrant colours capture a diverse appeal from the abstract to artwork inspired by elements and tapestry from his African background. The choice of timeless materials from mixed media to oil, to maple wood and polished aluminium add value to his creations. This has created a growing demand for his signature style and contemporary perspective collection.

Jabu captures the South African spirit in evocative paintings of revolutionary figures such as Nelson Mandela in addition to the amazing serenity of African wildlife. Growing up Jabu enjoyed seeing the animals roam free while his own freedom was limited. Over the years, Jabu became aware that the freedom of the animals around the world was threatened. Recently, the need to protect the wildlife on our planet has become desperate. He chooses to create the ‘Wild Mustangs’ series because of his passion to save endangered animals. The last great animals of our earth are threatened due to human destruction of their habitats, pollution, fishing and hunting. His work captures the wonder and majesty of wildlife and their habitat. It is his hope that people will have a real call to action to do something today by supporting his work in turn supporting Non-profits who are fighting for this cause.

“My philosophy about art, is that creating art for art’s sake is not enough. I create cause-driven art so I can make a difference. If I can inspire one person or the masses, that’s what I love to do. Beautiful art is obvious; great art is transformative.”

Artist, Jabu

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