The stylish ‘La Nicoise’ sandals come with a pair of laces of your choice made from recycled cotton. These can be removed and replaced from a selection of 8 recycled laces.
Sandals come accompanied with a diagram illustrating the different possibilities for tying your laces, providing the opportunity to vary your style according to your desires.
Outer sole is made from recycled tyre, mid sole from cork and top sole from recycled leather.
Bains De Soleil
French brand Bains De Soleil create sandals that look good, feel good and do good………all made from recycled materials. Founder Marina Franchi grew up around the fashion industry then went on to study the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Following her studies she spent a number of years working in the fast fashion industry for premium brands but quickly realised the negative impact of the industry on the environment. This experience served as the impetus to create her own brand, a brand that would be both stylish and respectful of the environment.
Bains De Soleil do not use a traditional production model and instead use available raw materials instead of new ones whist ensuring high quality standards. For example one of the key materials used are recycled tyres saved form landfill as every year nearly 1.5 billion tyres are discarded around the world mostly ending up in landfill which of course is not great for the environment.
The ultimate goal is to help encourage fashion lovers to consume less. The versatility of Bains De Soleil sandals allow you to have one sandal with endless possibilities. Produce better to produce less. All sandals are produced by recycling existing materials which avoids producing new raw materials.
As part of their mission to bring awareness to the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, Bains De Soleil recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter where you can purchase their new designs at early-bird prices, see below: