The Franklin Shoulder Bag

The Franklin is designed to look beautiful on the arm, as a backpack or even of the shoulder as seen here and its spacious enough to fit all your essentials. 

Artisan made with hand selected Italian leather.


Recently, “The Franklin” was launched by C1209 as their hero bag, an artisanal leather handbag that can be transformed into a beautiful, fully-functional backpack. The piece marries patent-pending Cambridge University engineering with traditional craftsmanship and the result is unique to the market. The idea for The Franklin was seeded when Jacqueline Gilbert, an MBA graduate at the University of Cambridge, travelled to a job interview with a Fortune-50 Executive. To succeed that day, she needed to be prepared. She had to carry her laptop, files, shoes and water from Cambridge to London and back again. Her satchel didn’t fit all the things she needed and she couldn’t carry her briefcase because of a shoulder injury, so she was forced to walk into the interview room with her sports backpack. The backpack was a mistake. She was told that wearing one in the workplace undermined her image as a credible professional. She had nearly been mistaken for a new graduate interviewing for a junior role, not a serious candidate with 12 years of experience in strategy and consulting. She got the job, but from that moment it didn’t matter: C1209 had been founded to give professional women the edge in making a first impression.

The Franklin is engineered to be durable and useful beyond a single season. This unparalled functionality coupled with a crisp, timeless aesthetic brings “buy once, buy nice” to a whole new level. C1209 is fighting  fast fashion by innovating around customer need rather than just aesthetics, creating products that are of enduring value to their customer. 

The brand is named after a pivotal year that sparked a legacy of intellectual rebellion in Cambridge, England. Inspired by this proud heritage – the freedom to question, to challenge and progress in new ways – C1209 delivers elegant innovation to people who embrace these values. 

To learn more about C1209 and their innovative handbag design,  please visit – www.c1209.com