Cardboard Lounge Furniture

Lounge Chair & Sofa
The original Chairigami, simple and elegant, this lounge chair started the whole journey and is a perfect match for the lightweight Chairigami sofa. Weighing in at just 18 pounds you could easily forget this sofa is in the room, its comfy to relax on and very easy to flat-plack.

Coffee Table
An innovative coffee table that is likely become more of a conversation piece than the books and magazines on it

Double Shelf
A useful double shelf that serves two purposes as it is great for storage or as a space divider for multipurpose rooms.

All handmade in the USA using Triple Wall recycled cardboard.

Zach Rotholz is the founder and CEO of Chairigami, a company specialising in innovative cardboard furniture. The company is based in Connecticut, USA, where all products are handmade with materials sourced locally. The cardboard furniture is lightweight, recyclable, flat-packed and perfect to fill the need for temporary furniture that is durable and of course stylish just like the furniture which can be seen at Office Monster across the United Kingdom.

Zach has been passionate about cardboard for many years and says “I have had a long love affair with cardboard. I began by playing in large refrigerator boxes and teaching children in central park to engineer with cardboard. Later, I was a cardboard apprentice at Adaptive Design and designed equipment for disabled children. This evolved into a senior project in mechanical engineering and then into a pop-up storefront in New Haven, Connecticut. Now i’m ready to save the world, one cardboard chair at a time”

All furniture is manufactured with Triple Wall which is tough three ply corrugated board made from 70% recycled cardboard and 30% FSC certified virgin fiber. Triple Wall comes from the military world and industrial packaging so you can be sure of is strength and durability. No matter what material your furniture is made out of, its important to make sure you have the right cleaning equipment for it. Check out for some ideas.

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