Chiangmai Treehouse Resort
This amazing resort is a great example of cool and unique eco accommodation, ideal for those adventurous travellers looking for something different and unafraid of heights.
Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse Resort
Located in a small village in Thailand surrounded by teakwood forest, Rabeang Pasak Chiangmai Treehouse resort provides uniques accommodation for eco conscious travellers and those who like to stay close to nature. The resort is owned by retired architect Mr. Bullsiri (Lee) Suwannachin who started the treehouse project in 2010 as a family vacation home, then later opened to the public in 2012. Today there are 6 cottage treehouses and 2 family treehouses and guests visit from all over the world.
The treehouses have all been built to an exceptional standard and are very well equipped to ensure your stay is as comfortable as can be. Although the treehouses are located close to each other guests are still able to feel secluded and for those feeling adventurous they can choose a treehouse high up in the trees. Couples and families will find the resort a very pleasant experience and dependant on availability are often encouraged to stay in a different treehouses during their stay. Dining at Chiangmai treehouse is a very homely experience as there is no menu so guests are treated to a range of traditional Thai dishes created using local ingredients including fish from the nearby lake.
There are a range of activities on offer and those feeling energetic can head off on a bike ride through the local village area or explore the jungle and head to the lush waterfall. Upon arrival at the waterfall you would be face with fresh cool water perfect for swimming in. After a long day our relaxation can be had by taking a herbal steam sauna followed by a traditional Thai massage. A unique experience not found in many places around the world would be a visit to Long Neck Village to see the local ladies with amazing long necks striving to be the most beautiful village.
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