Christy McCormick – The Jam Factory Exhibition

The latest exhibition by Christy McCormick takes place in Oxford and includes new work celebrating women which is shown alongside previous works that includes ’Natural Fashion’ illustrations helping to raise awareness of the negative impact and injustice surrounding fast fashion.

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Christy McCormick

As well as being a socially conscious designer, London based Christy McCormick is also a talented artist who has produced a series of illustrations capture the negative impact of unethical fashion on the environment and people. A graduate of the London College of Fashion where she studied Fashion Illustration, Christy has worked for Alexander McQueen where she helped develop prints for both menswear and womenswear and also worked with an ethical fashion magazine where she produced illustrations showing the impact of fast fashion.

Deforestation and climate change impacts the natural habitat of tribal cultures and the project ‘Natural Fashion’ seeks to make consumers aware of the action needed in the fashion industry. The ‘Natural Fashion’ illustrations show the negative impact of fast fashion by depicting sweatshop workers and demonstrating the maltreatment of workers within the fashion industry. Tribal illustrations represent those who value and rely on the environment and land. Fashion decorations are thematic and convey not only the beauty and celebration nature deserves but also the connection back to nature and sustainability which is greatly needed.

Currently, Christy is exhibiting a selection of originals for purchase The Jam Factory, located in the centre of Oxford. Inspired by the female form, Christy presents her latest collection which is inspired by the female form, nature and fashion. A selection of materials are used during the creative process including foiling which accentuates the delicate water coloured curves of the female form with the bold use of inks helping to define the expressions and striking poses of figures and portraits. The exhibition runs until April 23rd and more details can be found at the following link:—April-26th-Private-View—18th-March

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