E.R.A. – Jewel Neckline Lace Top and Narrow Trousers

This beautiful lace top fits smoothly and closes loosely around your body, it has long narrow sleeves, cushions at the bust and a jewel neckline giving a strong feminine look. Complete the outfit with a stylish pair of jeans or a sleek pair of trousers as seen here. Made from the best New Zealand wool and woven in Italy, these trousers are warm in the winter then nice and cool in the summer and feels gorgeous on the skin. They fit close but not tight which makes for a luxurious look and elegantly accentuate your legs.


Emma van der Burgh and Rianne Hottinga are the two friends and socially conscious entrepreneurs behind E.R.A. a stylish and sustainable fashion label based in Amsterdam, Holland. The idea for the label came about after the two ladies met in a hairdressing salon at a time when they were both at a crossroads in their lives and found they shared common interests which led them to form a close friendship, with a shared vision of the world, a similar background in fashion and business E.R.A. was formed in 2016. The idea for the name comes from E for Emma, R for Rianne and A for Amsterdam, there is also an alternative meaning where E.R.A. stands for era. Emma and Rianne see an era in which modern women once again wish for the charm of old and where mass production and waste have had their time.

All items are produced locally in the E.R.A. studio where young ambitious students are employed who can grow into the company and ethical work practices are adhered to at all times. Materials and fabrics are responsibly sourced with fabrics made in Europe selected for use, great importance is placed on raw materials being sustainable so use is made of materials that are strong and recyclable whilst having little impact on nature through production. Currently four main types of fabrics are in use for their collection and include: double crepe wool, some crepe wool, some crepe polyester and a viscose polyamide blend.

A made to measure service is available where clothes are specifically made for a woman’s body providing the perfect customised fit. Women are offered a collection of items based on style, charm and strength, E.R.A. are passionate about creating beautiful, high quality, sustainable womenswear that can be worn daily, on festive occasions and in the boardroom.

To see more stylish sustainable womenswear, please visit – www.era-amsterdam.com