Fabric Statement Necklace

This gorgeous upcycled statement piece from the Elite Line Series would certainly ensure you stay ahead in the style stakes,

One-off design, handmade from repurposed fabric embellished with metallic details.

Photography & Editing / Nikolas Tsakris Photography
Hair Styling / Eleni Karipidi
Makeu-up / Zoe Tzirtzilaki
Model / Daphne Kalyva
Styling / Katerina Stamatopoulou
@ Die Young Studio


Katerina Stamatopoulou is the founder and socially conscious entrepreneur behind Athens based TRASH4FLASH, a jewellery brand creating unique pieces from upcycled materials to show how trash can be transformed into beautiful objects of desire whilst also promoting ethical fashion. Katerina studied marketing at university and mastered in fashion and communications, this lead her to pursue a career in Advertising and Market Research which later saw her move into jewellery design. Over the years she has developed a love for sustainable fashion and through TRASH4FLASH is able to contribute towards helping consumers become more sustainable with their fashion jewellery purchases.

Sustainability lays at the heart of TRASH4FLASH and all sourcing for materials is done through searching for old and unwanted stock. Each piece of jewellery is handmade as a one of a kind concept design giving everyone the opportunity to feel unique. From concept through to creation, discarded objects are taken on a journey where they are upcycled and transformed into sustainable fashion statement pieces showing how beauty can be created from something once seen as trash.

These unique products appeal to women who like to impress and are happy to stand out from a crowd. Three distinct product lines are offered, ELITE Series, EXPANDED Series and FULL LINE Series.

For more stunning upcycled jewellery please visit – www.trash4flash.com