Fikissimo Table Top – Created from welded and shaped mesh painted in iron colour with table top in anthracite grey aged cement with serving tray and aged wood, bound in hemp twine. Made in Italy from recycled building materials.
Andrea Seri is president of Italian based Fikissimo he is also an architect and graphic designer. In1891 Andrea’s great-grandfather started creating and selling building and construction materials, today Andrea leads Fikissimo as a  sustainable Italian manufacturer and fourth-generation family business creating innovative furniture and accessories from recycled building site materials.
Shortly after taking over leadership of the company and with his design and architectural background Andrea began thinking about what could be accomplished without the help of heavy equipment and could easily be exported abroad. Initially, candlesticks were created out of concrete and given away to customers, with growing interest in these concrete design objects the decision was made to broaden the range which would include pen holders, ashtrays, chairs, tables and hangers. Materials used are the remains of that from the main parent construction company COSMO SERI, with concrete being the main base material alongside welded mesh commonly used in construction. Additional materials such as wood used with scaffolding and other complementary building elements such as hemp rope and leather are utilised.
Each Fikissimo product is created by hand and is the result of experience gained over one hundred years of history by skilled craftsmen who love their work. The Fikissimo brand demonstrates perfectly how  beautiful sustainable design objects can be created using recycled construction materials giving a high degree of aesthetic satisfaction.
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