Fine Cell Worker

Ethical Collection has collaborated with Fine Cell Work to create a stylish collection of SWAG jumpers. Here you have one of the stitchers creating a unique SWAG jumper, all made in the UK from 100% organic cotton.

Ethical Collection

Giovanna Eastwood is the socially conscious entrepreneur behind Ethical Collection London, an eco-luxury boutique that curates a collection of some of the finest products from designers and artisans around the globe. Offering you the choice to shop with integrity but without compromise on style or beauty. Giovanna was inspired to start her Ethical Collection brand, after her time visiting the slums of Rio De Janeiro where her mother funded a charity project teaching young women to make and sell bags from recycled materials. Giovanna witnessed first-hand the opportunities the charity gave the women, their families, their communities, the pride they had in their work and the benefit it had on the surrounding environment. A former graduate of the London College of fashion and with a number of years working in the fashion industry in various roles Giovanna had a great foundation from which to launch Ethical Collection.

Each item in the Ethical Collection boutique has been hand selected by Giovanna to showcase sustainable fashion as a chic and responsible option. Products are timeless – they defy seasonal trends and embody elegance, beauty and character. With each purchase, customers are invited on a journey of discovery – from the story behind the talented artisans from around the world, to how the end product is delivered once purchased – making sure even packaging is recycled and recyclable.

“I aim to be part of a positive change in the fashion world, where our decisions can improve lives and protect our environment rather than the opposite. For now, what I am primarily looking to do is open up new markets to talented artisans and eco designers. It is so important to me that my customers understand the Ethical Collection story, and how much good they are doing with their thoughtful purchases.”

Giovanna Eastwood
Founder, Ethical Collection

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Fine Cell

Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework – undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells – to foster hope, discipline and self esteem. This helps them to connect to society and to leave prison with the confidence and financial means to stop offending. Stitchers are taught by skilled volunteers and spend an average of 20 hours per week doing embroidery from their cells Fine Cell Work is done in 24 prisons with 250 prisoners and 97% of the stitchers are men. To learn more about this social enterprise please visit –