Frode Lillesund – Lifecycle

A favourite from the bearded man series, this bronze sculpture is called Lifecycle and could prompt one to reflect on the ups and downs we all go through in life.

Frode Lillesund

With an affinity for nature Norwegian sculptor Frode Mikal Lillesund has a deep understanding of the composition and abstraction of the art form and this is shown by his unique sculptures and artwork infused by tension, dynamics and rhythm. Frode studied Ceramics and Fine Arts at the Norwegian College of Arts and Design and also graduated with an MA in Sculpture. Over the years he has participated in a number of solo exhibitions as well as selected group exhibitions which has helped increase the popularity of his work. Having won several awards for his classical figurative sculptures Frode has also done large sculptural commissions.

Frode uses clay, ceramics and bronze, much of his work is of human figures and he often works without a model giving more freedom in the underlying abstract language. The figures he creates are very realistic and taking note from the antique, renaissance and baroque masters, Frode places great importance on creating a dynamic structure both internal and external as a foundation for the visual expression of the sculpture.

Frode says:

“Nature is my greatest source of inspiration when I create my artworks. Natures aesthetics manifests itself through rhythmic movements. It grows and moves through dynamic principles and static structures. All we can perceive is derived from forms. Whether its man made or it is shaped by nature itself. Sculpture is the language of form.

Nature and great works of art moves us emotionally, and sometimes it might even feel like the secrets of life are speaking to us. A sculpture can speak through its movement and through traces of the process from where it was derived.”

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