Global Sustainable Fashion Week – Fashion Show 

Fashion shows during Global Sustainable Fashion Week feature designers and brands from around the world focused on various aspects of sustainability including zero waste, recycling, eco-conscious fabrics and zero carbon footprint.

Global Sustainable Fashion Week 

The Global Sustainable Fashion Week, which is internationally know in the world of sustainability, was created by the National Fashion League Hungary Association from the president Dr Gabriella Manyi Walek’s initiative. Shortly after its launch in 2016, the #GSFW program and the closing eco fashion show was joined by almost 15 countries, followed by a similarly successful events in 2017 and 2018. Participants, both presenters and visitors come from all over the world and prove the GSFW’s esteem and flagship role in the eco and sustainable fashion world. This global tendency is strengthened by an international governing body representing different continents and regions also by supporters like Mellow Mood Hotels, thanks to whom both the events and their visitors are accommodated in luxury.

Beyond the relevant issue of ethical and sustainable fashion – such as ecologically conscious fabrics and using environmentally friendly technologies, zero waste and zero carbon footprint, recycling, slow fashion, fashion’s effect on the environment and climate change, the transparency of sustainability and the need for its  measurement, the role of the consumers in sustainable fashion and fair trade – one of the most important topics of GSFW 2019 will be social responsibility and the need for raising social awareness.  This is the topic different countries’ designers, and organisations all encompass, involving also artisan groups and local labour force.

“It is our aim to work together for a more sustainable, ethical and transparent fashion/world. The fashion industry has a very strong impact on our environment due to different environmental pollutions, the massive production of waste (fast fashion), tremendous water usage and fossil energy consumption. Therefore all the stakeholders involved should take the responsibility to find the best sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.”

Dr. Gabriella Manyi Walek President National Fashion League Hungary Association Global Sustainable Fashion Week

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