As fabrics are the starting point of their concept GNANA Studio try to use them to the last inch, like this amazing Hyro Jacket. Made in Romania entirely from pure wool and cashmere leftovers, this is a great way to wear premium with a low impact.
GNANA Studio
Floriana Sandu is the fashion designer and entrepreneur behind GNANA Studio, an ethical fashion brand creating stylish fashion and accessories made of natural materials for men and women. Growing up as a vegan meant creating clothes and accessories that were animal free came natural to Floriana and all products are produced with high standards of quality, materials and execution. The name GNANA means “to know” and for sure GNANA know they are in the perfect position to make a change for us, for the future, for the planet. GNANA make it their mission to protect biodiversity, respect human rights and good working conditions, adhere to responsible and transparent manufacturing processes and avoid the use of plastic compounds or microfibers to contribute to a cleaner future for the planet.
The latest eco friendly collection deeply exports the brand values: naturalness, craftsmanship and versatility. Making use of up-cycled materials. All pieces are easy to wear and accessorise with a casual but sophisticated twist.
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