Goldy Wally

A cute Golden Retriever made from recycled bicycle chains giving you the opportunity to combine a love for dogs with an appreciation of unique art, this would certainly be great conversation piece when entertaining at home.

Nirit Levav

Israel based designer and multidisciplinary artist Nirit Levav expresses her talent by delaying with the affinity between art and recycling. Graduating from Parsons School of Design she started her career in fashion with an innovative style then over the years explored and experimented with different materials practicing jewellery making, metalworking, pottery, ceramics and more. In 2010 Nirit decided to transition from fashion to focusing full time on art creating a distinctive unique style through the materials she chooses to create with and the non-conventional manners in which she works.

At certain times inspiration comes from wanting to create something specific, then other times it is the exploring of the matter which brings the final outcome,without prior planning. For the last few years Nirit has been working mainly with recycled materials she collects: Bicycle chains,motorcycle pistons, keys, light bulbs, watches and more, from which she creates various sculptures including including large scale outdoor sculptures.

“First of all I collect different materials, mainly the kind people don’t want anymore. For them it is garbage and for me – a treasure. I love the initial rough material, and it is inspiring for me to create delicate and refined things out of it. The contrast between the rough look of the material and the final refined outcome makes me excited.”
(Nirit Levav 2015)

Her engagement with recycling crosses the borders of her artistic work to other areas in her life and about her artistic path and the nonconventional choices which character her work Nirit says:

“I want to inspire people to believe that anything is possible, that anyone can step out of the strict frames of the fixed mind. That you could and you should bring something new, each and one of us in its own field. And mainly i want to make people happy, to surprise those who look at my work and inspire them to smile.”

Nirit’s work have been displayed in shows in the U.S.A., Europe and the far east, and are included in private art collections around the world.

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