Hania Kuzbari – Horseshoe Candy & Horseshoe Flourish Necklaces

A sentimental favourite with designer Hania Kuzbari, her Horseshoe Collection was the premiere line launched by Kuzbari Jewelry Collection. In developing the collection, Hania began expanding her creative reach into an adventure of the unknown.  The horseshoe symbol speaks an international language transcending culture and time. It allows the wearer to subtly convey wishes of good luck and prosperity through precious metals and luxurious stones. With vivid gems, diamonds, 14k and 18k fold and even silver, the possibilities are endless for both men and women.

Hand crafted in Jordan.

Hania Kuzbari 

Limited edition fine jewellery that is beautifully hand-crafted to an exceptional standard as one would expect with any fine work of art. Hania Kuzbari launched her sustainable jewellery line in 2014 with pieces all made from 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, diamonds and gemstones such as coloured sapphire and tourmaline. A true global citizen Hania has lived in both the Middle East and North America and also spent time at Jewellery school in Italy, all of which inspires her creative outlook. Made in Amman, Jordan, Hania’s dazzling collections send a simple yet profound message to the world: to fight darkness with smiles and to bring happiness to others, one person at a time.

“Personally, I would love it if the message behind my jewellery reaches over to people internationally. However, I believe that people are more likely to buy the piece if they interpret it through their own life experiences. Some are also more likely to buy the piece simply because of its beautiful design rather than any sort of personal life experiences or even my own message.”

Hania Kuzbari, Founder and Designer 

To see more dazzling sustainable jewellery, please visit – www.haniakuzbari.com