Hania Kuzbari – Victoria Necklace

Part of the ‘Smile’ collection which includes fun, uplifting and bejewelled faces, the Victoria necklace is made with gold, silver and gemstones. If ever a jewellery collection had a message for our world today, it’s the Hania Kuzbari Smile Collection. The upbeat beauty of this inspired collection is only surpassed by its heartfelt emotional message to people everywhere. We don’t have to look far to witness the overwhelming sorrow across the globe—suffering from conflicts that cause great pain. Many times, it’s the children who bear the worst of it.

Hania Kuzbari speaks up with a simple yet profound message—fight darkness with smiling—and bring happiness to others, one person at a time. Employing her playful animated creativity, Hania designs fun and uplifting bejewelled smiling faces designed to dispel the darkness and bring joy just by looking at their irresistible faces. 

Also shown are a set of dazzling rings and earrings made with gemstones and 18k gold with an appeal to savvy investors.

Hand crafted in Jordan.

To see more beautiful sustainable jewellery, please visit – www.haniakuzbari.com