INASKA Swimwear – Sports Bikini Top Wild Earth

A sports bikini top that offers high stability and great comfort for all your favourite beach and water sports. It comes with an adjustable 4-way back that provides a nice comfortable and reliable fit without the need for knots or clasps and also comes with removable pads.

Designed in Germany and made in Portugal with recycled Polyamide (ECONYL) and Elastane.

INASKA Swimwear

German based entrepreneurs Katharina Wagner and Franziska Hannig are the socially conscious founders behind INASKA Swimwear, a brand focused on delivering sporty, stylish and sustainable bikinis. The idea came from being unable to find a bikini comfortable enough to wear at the beach the whole day whilst staying in place for a range of activities and of course look good at the same time. Before launching Katharina had been on a long search for the perfect bikini without irritating clasps or knots and Franziska is a passionate beach volleyball player that needed a reliable sports bikini with a cool design.

With a clear goal in mind Katharina and Franziska set about creating a range of sustainable, high quality bikinis that were comfortable, stylish and offered good stability for sports. The bikinis are designed, sourced and produced in Europe using the finest Italian eco-friendly fabrics. consisting of 78% ECONYL which is regenerated yarn that comes from old fishing nets, carpets and other plastic waste. Katharina and Franziska are always on the lookout for solutions that add value in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and climate neutrality. Currently there can proudly say all INASKA bikinis are produced according to the following rules:

Designed and made in Europe, Recycled, Eco-friendly, CO2 – neutral, Support of the element of water, No paper waste.

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