Jade Mountain – Infinity Pool Sanctuary

Guests visiting Jade Mountain have a choice of 24 infinity pool sanctuaries where bedroom, living area and pool merge seamlessly into one space ensuring you are always close to nature. Sanctuaries vary in size however all feature15ft high ceilings and come with a 4ft wall open to allowing you to experience the views whilst also providing privacy. In addition to the infinity pool sanctuaries, there are 5 sky jacuzzi suites featuring a large jacuzzi tub for 2 but no infinity pool.  

In keeping with the overall resort experience, there are no televisions, radios or telephones in the infinity pool sanctuaries or the sky jacuzzi suites and guests are kindly asked not to use their cell phones in public areas and to keep them on vibrate while enjoying their stay. Wi-fi is available in sanctuaries and suites in addition to reception as well as telephone, fax and general business services.

For more about Jade Mountain, please visit – www.jademountain.com