Jade Mountain Sustainable Luxe Retreat 

A premier retreat in St. Lucia, Jade Mountain offers unrivalled and breathtaking views of the Piti and Gros Piton mountains as they rise up above the Caribbean Sea. Individual bridges lead to exceptional infinity pool sanctuaries that merge with bedrooms and living areas where you can easily feel at one with nature. Jade Mountain’s very own organic plantation supplies various culinary delights and if guests are reluctant to leave the comfort of their sanctuary the  executive chef can visit to prepare a meal or two.

Jade Mountain

Sustainable luxe retreat Jade Mountain is the pinnacle of luxury and a superb example of innovation and creativity, the retreat which is located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia opened in 2006 and is owned by Karolin and Nick Troubetzkoy. As an architect  Nick was not averse to pushing the boundaries of design and was able to do so with great effect with the creation of Jade Mountain, constructed on the side of a mountain from local and natural materials, it resembles a piece of art and is also a testament to the skill of the local craftsmen who were hired for the build. 

Jade mountain have a number of sustainable practices and include the following:

1- The resort provides alternative transportation for its employees. On a daily basis, shuttles are scheduled hourly to transport workers from the resort to the local community, keeping carbon emissions to a minimum.

2- The design of Jade Mountain reinforces the connection to the natural environment with passive ventilation of the rooms and natural day lighting. Heating and cooling of the sanctuaries (rooms) is based entirely on the natural rhythm and cycles of the environment. These measures reduce the resorts energy usage and in turn helps to minimize the carbon footprint.

3- The exterior plaza of Jade Mountain was designed to capture rainwater in the koi ponds and planting areas and the plants are then harvested for use in the resorts restaurants.

4- A natural coral tile was used for exterior walkways and roof areas, this is highly effective and effectively diminishes any “heat island” effect in the local micro-climate.

5- Potable water for the resort is produced by collecting it in a reservoir that was originally constructed and used by the British and French to power the water wheels that crushed sugar cane. The reservoir was repaired after not being used for decades and now collects over 1.5m gallons of water annually that is processed via a state-of-the-art water purification system.

6- The reed beds that are in operation were designed and built to naturally purify effluent from the resort. The end product is gray water that is used to irrigate landscaping, when necessary. 

7- The resort emphasizes fresh, local products with a purchasing plan that includes certified organic foods, sustainable agriculture eco-labeled foods and locally produced foods.

8- The resort has a local chocolate making program that uses the 2000 cocoa trees on the large resort estate.

The resorts employs a 99% local workforce and all employees are actively encouraged to participate in its sustainability goals and programs. Since opening the owners have been committed to keeping as much economic benefit as possible in the region and this includes making all furniture and furnishings locally or buying them from local businesses. Guests are given information on local history, culture and ecology, raffles are also regularly held to help raise funds for specific projects.

A strong emphasis is placed on the three R’s……..Reduce, Reuse and RECYCLE.

For more about Jade Mountain, please visit – www.jademountain.com