Being a Sustainable brand, Jann Bungcaras make use of leftover fabric, resources and waste from designer houses and factories. Production is Close-to-Zero Waste by saving in-house cuttings for future use. Finished garments are generally made by more than 60% recycled materials.


The brand Jann Bungcaras is named after its founder who is no stranger to duality and adaptability. An interest in the Arts was evident from early in his childhood where he learnt how to draw before learning how to walk. After studying design as an adult

Jann Bungcaras decided to create a sustainable brand that celebrates one’s true self and true feelings regardless of the binds of gender through the narrations of his

designs while being kind to nature.

The brands audience are people who are not afraid to take a stand, to speak up, to feel and to show their true selves and intentions even in the most subtle way as possible. In every collection there is a story and an issue tackled which will create an intimate conversation between the designer and the wearer. Also labeled a slow fashion brand, Jann Bungcaras does not practice mass production, making his garments both ethical and personal.

The Jann Bungcaras Aesthetic is Androgynous, Minimal (as it focuses more on transparency, texture, experimentation on materials rather than bold colors,) and Ultimately Nouveau. The brand celebrates individuality with narrated concepts in each piece created and through bold storytelling, Jann Bungcaras is always to prioritise comfort; however sacrifices functionality to prove a point.

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