Janusz Grunspek – Record Player

Before the days of CD’s, MP3 players and music streaming, record players were widely used to play music and enjoy the sounds of your favourite artist, some are still in use today by music connoisseurs. Many use equipment from Graham Slee HiFi (for phono preamp) in conjunction with their existing record players to get the most out of their old record collection, bringing the sound quality of these classic tracks into the modern age.

Janusz Grunspek

Seen here in this unique design constructed from wooden wireframe pieces. Talented German based artist Janusz Grunspek creates full scale replicas of everyday objects using wooden wireframe pieces. Quite often there are structural nuances in everyday objects that we fail to see however, Janusz Grunspek is able to use his artistic vision to bring these out in the three dimensional sculptures he creates.

Janusz particularly like to bring old fashioned items into the 21st century such as electronic items, cameras and computers. The beauty of his work is many of the items he creates, many of us grew up with and helped to shape our lives and they are all make by had with the aide of old fashioned tools and materials when needed. In today’s age of constant innovation and new technology, Janusz brings us back to times gone by to help us remember the past and what has helped to shape our future. Janusz also has his work showcased in collections and galleries such as the following:

Collectie de Groen Arnhem
Link: http://www.collectiedegroen.nl/eng/artists/janusz-grunspek

Museum Kurhaus Kleve
Link: http://museumkurhaus.de/de/8745.html?from=aktuellArchiv

To learn more about Janusz Grunspek and his ‘Drawings in Space’ please visit – www.januszgruenspek.de