Jewelled Buddha – 12 String Sari Necklace

A gorgeous necklace with shades of blue, this would certainly be an irresistible addition to any wardrobe. 12 layers of sari covered beads are strung together with thread to create a bespoke necklace.

Handcrafted in India by master craftswomen with leftover silk sari fabric and wooden prayer beads.

Jewelled Buddha

Founded by Harjit Sohotey-Khan, inspiration for Jewelled Buddha came while Harjit was travelling though Asia for a year with her husband. Throughout their travels they came across many artisans communities. From Nepal to Thailand and Indonesia to Tibet. Women handcrafted stunning textiles using ancient techniques passed down through generations. There was a story woven into everything they created. With this mind Harjit founded Jewelled Buddha with a vision to bring a sophisticated edit of conscious fashion accessories from around the world whilst ensuring the artisans were empowered and earned a suitable income. Collections combine luxury textiles, influenced by ancient handcraft techniques with a contemporary aesthetic, adding elegance, functionality and presence to your wardrobe. Each collection is carefully curated, partnering exclusively with social enterprise and brands that share the same respect for people and planet.

Through their designs Jewelled Buddha help to influence social change, women make up the majority of the workforce in the textile industries of developing nations, facing huge challenges such as gender, caste and social inequality. They only work with innovative social businesses who have a strong sense of integrity and transparency in their Fair Trade practices, women’s empowerment programmes and environmental impact. Each and every product carried is handmade by artisans empowered by a fair and sustainable income. Jewelled Buddha are passionate about age-old craft techniques around the world and therefore seek to promote the artisans and their cultures. Their products combine sustainable, responsibly sourced materials including recycled fabric. This has less impact on people and planet. 

Signature products include necklaces made form upcycled saris and in particular there are crafted from the left over sari material of their Kantha Scarves. So they’re totally zero waste.

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